Asset Types


The face of Commercial Real Estate has changed dramatically over the past few years. Navigating the complexities of the commercial market has never been more demanding. An experienced Investment Broker can provide you with detailed demographics and market insight to help you when choosing your next business investment. Our team has experience in selling all forms of Commercial real estate.


With consumer trends shifting toward more experiential offerings from brick-and-mortar locations, finding the right space is key for operational success. Navigating the complexities of the retail market has never been more demanding, an experienced Investment Broker can provide you with detailed demographic and market insights to help you choose the right brick-and-mortar location for your business. Our team has decade’s of experience in selling all forms of retail assets from small bays, neighbourhood strip malls, downtown street fronts, enclosed malls, and large format shopping centres.


Compared to all other asset classes’ industrial sales are one of the most complex and diverse. With clients ranging from light use warehouses, to heavy duty machinery and logistic facilities, navigating the sale of industrial properties requires specialized expertise in both industrial real estate and in market trends. Northfield Commercial brokers are committed to ensuring our clients make the best decisions when it comes to buying industrial property.


For investors looking to play an active role in growing capital, Multifamily property has long been considered to be a strong choice in acquisitions. Our strong understanding of markets, financing and demand for residential rental properties, allows our clients to make sound investment decisions when managing their multifamily portfolios.


Unlike other commercial investments, Land Sales require a specialized skill sets for acquisition, disposition and planning. A blank slate, they hold a wide array of possibilities and having a Northfield broker on your side can help maximize your opportunities for future development.

Self Storage Facilities

Self –Storage Properties are gaining popularity as attractive and stable investments, particularly in markets where commercial and residential properties come at a premium. In addition to having attractive cap rates and in many cases reasonable maintenance costs, a storage facilities can sometimes be profitable at low occupancy rates. As an investment that involves the sale of both land and busses Self Storage Facilities present unique opportunities for investors and corporations looking to add to their existing portfolios and those looking to diversify.

Manufactured Housing

Manufactured housing is a unique asset class as they represent both land and residential ownership. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a manufactured housing portfolio, Northfield Commercial will help you get the most from your unique asset investment.

Seniors Housing

As the baby boomer generation moves into retirement age and beyond, seniors housing and care properties are gaining significant appeal to capital providers and investors. Unlike generations before them, the boomer demographic typically lives longer, have greater disposable income and have healthier, more active lifestyles. Developers and operators of these facilities are having to adapt to the growing needs of the “Silver Tsunami”, where the new residents of senior housing and care facilities demand greater access to amenities, transportation and urban culture/activity centres. Whether you’re an owner/operator looking for new opportunities in the industry, or a developer in search of an optimal site for your next build, Northfield Commercial can help position you for success in the growing senior care/housing real estate market.


The hotel, hospitality and leisure industries are high-paced and require a tremendous amount of research and expertise to ensure that your real estate decisions are based on current leading hotelier trends and market demographics. Northfield Commercial provides investment advisory and transaction services for clients looking to acquire or manage hotel, hospitality and leisure-property portfolios. By leveraging our exceptional professional network, in-depth industry knowledge, and property marketing expertise, our clients are able to better close on attractive opportunities within this exciting market.